Message from the Executive Director.

As a leader in Communications technology Systems in the Middle East NGCI is proud to offer you its services. The success of NGCI owes itself to the extraordinary talents and efforts of the people who work within it. Our philosophy is built upon our devotion to deep and thorough understanding of customer's needs, exceptional researching, continuous innovation, full-featured product development, exquisite customer pre and after-sales support,

and solid commitment to providing price competitive services. We lay special emphasis on strong belief in teamwork and appreciation of each of our employee's uniqueness. In essence, we invest in our employees so that they can invest in their customers and we believe that this philosophy is evident in each of our areas of focus: sales and marketing, technical support, research and business development. Our top priority is to provide all customers and their existing needs with the highest quality of professional solutions. We challenge ourselves to go beyond the given standards and continuously improve our products and services. After full understanding of customer's needs, research and development is the foundation for continuously improving existing products and managed solutions to better serve our clients.


Our Research and Development department is deeply invested in advancing the field of Telephony Systems, where such a commitment has led to success after success. Yet as proud as we are of all we have accomplished, Next generation Technologies' first priority will always be the customer. As a team, our aspirations are not to simply maintain the highest standards of Professional Telephony Solutions & services, but to surpass that and deliver nothing short of outstanding.


Our Platforms would bring traffic and revenue to you. The fact that you will enjoy a very large part of operation in KRG, confirms needs to cater your services including value added ones to this new market which has its specifics. For that having a local partner in KRG to provide these services with a valid backbone becomes essential NGCI today puts at your hands a group of unique NEW services & Platforms that are supported by market knowledge and necessary technology.